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8 Tips to Build a Strong Financial Plan

By: Bill Few Senior Vice President, ReShelle L. Barrett, CFP® One goal that many people have is to achieve financial independence. This type of independence can mean different things to different people. It may mean being able to save for college or retirement or being able to purchase the things you really want. Achieving this […]

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How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

By: Bill Few Associates Vice President, Mia Kovacs, CFP® When the thought comes to mind of contacting a financial advisor to assist with financial planning, some may dismiss the idea thinking they have not acquired enough wealth to warrant such services. That is simply not so. Financial planning services are for everyone and can help you […]

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Rebalancing Your Portfolio During Challenging Times

By: Bill Few Associates Executive Vice President, Kenneth J. Como Most of us never would have predicted that we would be living through a pandemic in 2020. It has quite literally changed how we live. Schedules have changed, work priorities have shifted, how we handle our day-to-day activities is nothing like before, and moreover, finances […]

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