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Our extensive planning capabilities include minimizing taxes and estate shrinkage, distributing property to heirs, and easing the process of transitioning your estate.
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Estate Planning

At Bill Few Associates our customized financial counseling helps clients develop a solid estate plan.

By preparing for an untimely death or disability, you not only protect your assets for accurate distribution to your beneficiaries and favorite charities, but you provide your loved ones peace of mind by having an estate plan properly designed and in place.

Your Bill Few Associates financial advisor will focus on your estate planning situation, goals and wishes for transferring wealth. You will learn the importance of having a will and will receive personal guidance regarding how to:

  • Determine when and how to distribute your assets during your lifetime, and how and to whom to transfer your assets after your death
  • Maximize the value of your estate by minimizing taxes
  • Avoid probate
  • Utilize trust vehicles or payable-on-death beneficiary bank accounts, if applicable
  • Prepare for charitable donations
  • Determine appropriate life insurance coverage
  • Prepare living wills and medical and financial power of attorney documents
  • Understand the importance of living wills, medical and financial power of attorney documents

We will also advise you on keeping your will and estate plan current in the event of estate law or taxation changes, so your wealth is prepared to be distributed appropriately and according to your wishes.

Our Planning Process

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Step 1

We get to know you and your lifestyle and evaluate your financial situation.

Step 2

We identify and explain the opportunities for your personalized plan.

Step 3

Create your plan, and together put the plan into action.

Step 4

Meet regularly to make sure your plan is on track.

Getting started is easy.

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