• Retirement Planning

    What does your retirement plan look like?

    When will you be able to retire? How much money do you need to live the lifestyle you want? Learn how you can prepare for retirement and take full advantage to live securely and comfortably.

Retirement Planning

Do more with your retirement money — by doing more more with your retirement planning.

Learn how you can take full advantage of your retirement money to enjoy the kind of retirement you want by talking to our retirement planning experts. They are experienced at investing your funds in portfolios that will bring you the results you want — now and into the future.


How much money do you need to live? Do you want to have money to pass on? How might your needs change in five, ten or fifteen years? There is a lot to consider when putting together a retirement plan, and at Bill Few Associates, we have the experience and knowledge to help.

  • Income projections help you feel confident that your individual plan meets your needs and time frame.
  • Estate planning ensures your assets transfer to your heirs in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Long-term care planning makes provisions to help protect the assets you spent a lifetime accumulating.


Many people think that an IRA rollover is simply a matter of filling out a couple forms and forgetting about it. However, rollovers should not be treated routinely. Our retirement experts specialize in the proper management of IRA rollovers and have the resources and know-how to help you with:

  • Lump sum distributions to help you avoid the 20% IRS withholding.
  • IRA beneficiary designations allow you to pass your wealth to future generations and stretch the life of your IRA for decades.
  • Investment management to build personalized portfolios combining individual stocks, individual bonds, and mutual funds.

At Bill Few Associates, we do everything to give your retirement maximum lifestyle with minimal hassle. Call us today at 412-630-6000 to find out how we can help you achieve the retirement you desire.