• Investment Management

    Experts in Investment Management

    Our investment professionals have the resources and capabilities to create personalized portfolios involving Individual Equities, Individual Bonds and Mutual Funds.

Investment Management

At Bill Few Associates, our team of dedicated investment management professionals focus — day in and day out — on making, monitoring and managing portfolios that are responsible, reliable, and right for you.

Individual Equity Management

Our clients benefit from the in-depth knowledge of multiple investment management professionals with a long track record of successful individual equity portfolio management. Our core philosophy revolves around a style-neutral, sector-neutral, large capitalization equity portfolio, with a history of out-performing benchmarks. Custom portfolios can also be designed to meet your specific needs.

Individual Fixed Income Management

We build high quality, diversified portfolios of fixed–income investments for both individuals and institutions. For our taxable clients, our tax–free strategies employ both in–state and out–of–state bond portfolios. Our taxable strategies emphasize high credit quality, intermediate–term corporate bonds and short-term yield enhancement strategies.

Mutual Fund Management

Our expertise in the selection and investment management of mutual fund portfolios has served our clients well. With a long history in the skilled use of proprietary and commercial research systems, we are able to screen for and select best–in–class managers from all asset categories and asset styles. Thanks to our experience and extensive contacts, we bring unique insights into managing the broad and complex fund industry.

Alternative Investment Management

Our staff of highly experienced investment professionals continually review and monitor alternative investment strategies. To supplement traditional core investment management strategies, we offer access to hedge funds, limited partnerships and options strategies.