Listen to Mike Kauffelt Interviewed on the WJAS GD Morning Show!


We are thrilled to share two insightful radio interviews with you featuring our Co-Chief Investment Officer, Mike Kauffelt, on the WJAS GD Morning Show with Darryl Grandy and Greg Maxwell. In these interviews, Mike delves into a range of topics, offering valuable insights into the world of finance and investment. The two interviews below cover:

Our Founder’s Legacy: Mike Kauffelt kicks off these engaging interviews by paying homage to the visionary founder of Bill Few Associates. Discover the principles and values that have guided our firm’s success, and gain a deeper understanding of the legacy that continues to inspire our team’s dedication to financial excellence.

The Transition to an ESOP: One of the standout topics covered in these interviews is the transition to an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). Mike Kauffelt sheds light on the reasons behind this strategic move, emphasizing how it benefits both our dedicated employees and our clients. Learn about the advantages of this innovative approach to business ownership and its impact on our service quality.

READ MORE: Learn more about our transition to an ESOP, enabling our legacy to continue to grow and thrive in Pittsburgh.

Navigating Inflation and Interest Rates: As the economic landscape evolves, Mike Kauffelt provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by inflation and interest rates.

Market Updates and Analysis: Gain a competitive edge in the financial markets with the latest updates and analysis. Mike’s expertise shines as he discusses current market conditions, offering valuable perspectives on potential investment opportunities and risks.

We invite you to listen to these insightful radio interviews and reach out to us for personalized guidance on your retirement planning journey. Let’s work together to turn your retirement dreams into reality. Call our experienced financial advisors today at 412-630-6000.

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