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Leaving a Legacy of Income

ReShelle Barrett, CFP® Are you over age 70 ½ and being forced to take income from your IRA? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spread that income over future generations?   Fortunately, you can. Let’s start with determining when you need to start taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). The IRS allows retirement accounts to grow […]

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How Hard is Your 401(k) Working?

ReShelle Barrett, CFP®  Are you one of those employees who enrolled in your company’s retirement plan and haven’t looked at the investments since? Or worse yet, haven’t even enrolled in the plan? At least once a year, many will be asked to make decisions regarding your 401(k) plan i.e. would you like to enroll in […]

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Tips to Consider When Rolling Over Your 401(k)

by ReShelle Barrett, CFP® Senior Vice President Most people have changed jobs or left the work force at some point. This likely means leaving 401(k) accounts with old employers. Although some plans require in-active participants to distribute their account if the balance is under minimum, most will give you several options. Discussing these options with […]

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