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The Suspension of Required Minimum Distributions for 2020

By: Bill Few Associates Vice President, Mia Kovacs, CFP® COVID-19 is a health crisis, and yet it has impacted so much more than our physical wellbeing.  The requirements of stay-at-home orders have also affected many financially.  In an effort to provide relief, legislation has been enacted as people and governments around the globe struggle to […]

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This is a Time for Fundamentals; Not Fear

By: Mia Kovacs, CFP® Emotions can aid our basic survival.  They can motivate us to take action, encourage us to avoid danger and provide us with the empathy necessary to create relationships. Regarding financial markets though, emotions most certainly do not help and yet the markets move with the mass’ emotional responses.  Driven by two primary emotions: […]

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How to Save for College Education

Mia A. McFadden, CFP® With college costs soaring many parents are left scratching their heads over how to save for their child’s college education. We know that obtaining a college degree can result in higher pay and a wider array of career opportunities.   But what we really hope a college degree translates to is a […]

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