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How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

Financial Planning

When the thought comes to mind of contacting a financial advisor to assist with financial planning, some may dismiss the idea thinking they have not acquired enough wealth to warrant such services. That is simply not so. Financial planning services are for everyone and can help you set up and attain financial goals. Deciding to […]

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Positioning Client Portfolios:

Financial Planning, Retirement Planning

by PQ STAFF | 2020 SUMMER Pittsburgh’s leading wealth managers tell how they’re positioning clients in this fraught environment (Part I) Alison F. Wertz, Bill Few Associates As a financial advisor, the only certainty I can guarantee my clients is that eventually there will be a recession. In almost every meeting with clients, I talk about what […]

We Are Here. Keep Your Appointment with Your Financial Advisor.

Financial Planning, Retirement Planning

With the world operating differently lately, we realize your priorities may have shifted, and understandably so. But while many things have changed and are changing, one thing still holds true at Bill Few Associates – our commitment to you and your financial well-being. Our financial advisors are working remotely at this time, but they arehere […]