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Learn why keeping your appointment with your financial advisor is important now more than ever.

With the world operating differently lately, we realize your priorities may have shifted, and understandably so. But while many things have changed and are changing, one thing still holds true at Bill Few Associates – our commitment to you and your financial well-being.

Our financial advisors are working remotely at this time, but they are
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Don’t lose sight of financial planning during this time. A long-term plan will help you to avoid financial pitfalls and will set your course toward financial independence. Below, our very own Ward Garner, CFP® explains why it is important to keep your appointment with your financial advisor:

Keep Your Appointment with Your Financial Advisor

Ward Garner, CFP®
Senior Vice President

We all know the importance of a physical checkup with our doctor to assess our health, but a financial checkup with a professional financial advisor is just as important. Too often, many people postpone considering their financial health until retirement or until a major event impacts their life. Now is the time to set and keep an appointment with your financial advisor to tell if you are on track to financial wellness and independence.

When you meet annually with your financial advisor, you are likely to review your goals, risk tolerance, and discuss any anticipated changes that may require adjustments to your budget and investment strategy. Consider major changes that could alter your income and lifestyle such as job changes, a new baby, college tuition, a new house or relocation, even an inheritance. Allocating just a few hours annually with your financial advisor will help you prepare for new financial obligations and make any transitions much smoother allowing for peace-of-mind.

Consider the following questions before a financial checkup:

  1. Do you have specific financial goals in terms of time and money?
  2. Is your retirement savings rate on track?
  3. Does your current investment mix match your risk tolerance?
  4. Are your investments generating a satisfactory rate of return?
  5. Is your debt under control?

Financial planning is a process. What you focus on often gets better with time. When you talk with your financial planner on an ongoing basis, you are likely to review your pre- and post-retirement cash-flow, which may ultimately drive asset allocation decisions. In addition, you will assess your tolerance to risk of loss, and gain a new perspective toward preventing emotional decisions. A professional financial planner will also discuss insurance, tax, and estate planning concerns.

Very few of us have the expertise to put together a comprehensive and balanced financial plan that will build our wealth and achieve financial freedom. There is a better way to navigate! Speak with your advisor. The expert advice you receive will help ensure your financial wellness and will help alleviate the stress caused by money. Talk with your financial advisor, we are here for you. Your peace-of-mind depends on it.

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