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Priced Into The Market — Quarterly Commentary

Mike Kauffelt Chief Investment Officer Bill Few Associates, Inc. The next time I hear another economic expert say an event (weather, GDP, Greece, Fed rate hike, etc.) is already priced into the market, I am going to throw something! Many investment experts believe the stock markets are forward-looking. This implies that investors have considered the […]

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Financial Planning Tips For New Parents

by John Nichols, CFP® Vice President Almost two years ago my wife and I had our first child, a beautiful daughter named Ella.  Being nervous first time parents, we wanted to make sure we had everything necessary for Ella’s arrival and luckily for us, numerous websites give a checklist of “must have” baby items.  Although […]

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A Few Easy Steps Can Help Protect Against Identity Theft Damage

by ReShelle Barrett, CFP® Senior Vice President Once upon a time, we all thought we were safe by not putting personal information on the internet. That meant avoiding online shopping, electronic banking, or even communicating on social websites. Nowadays, if you basically breathe, you are exposed to identity thieves around the world. Even if you […]

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