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Market Update – March 2022

As most all of us are aware by now, financial markets have been off to a rocky start to 2022.  After several very strong years for stocks, this recent pullback is not, statistically, unexpected or unusual.  However, there does seem to be more than the usual number of concerns in the financial markets now.  In […]

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April 2020 Financial Market Review

Corona Virus Rollercoaster Bill Few

The first quarter of 2020 proved to be one of the most volatile on record.  By the end of the quarter, market performance reached lows not seen since the Global Financial Crisis.  As we are all aware, this severe decline was a result of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. When looking at the returns for […]

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Feeling All Right – Financial Market Update

Feeling All Right – Financial Market Update Last September, everything felt fine. Led by technology stocks, the stock market was up over 10%. The Federal Reserve raised the fed funds rate 0.75% at this point in 2018, causing bond performance to be basically flat, but at least savers were earning something in their savings accounts […]

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