Necessary Change


If you are like me, as we get older, we realize that change can be frustrating.  It happens when a favorite brand, service or website changes for what seems to be little reason, upsetting what had been a very comfortable relationship.  For instance, one of the websites I visit frequently for timely information is Bloomberg Business.  In the past year, they have totally revamped their website not once but twice.  Of course, that requires me to put in extra effort to learn the new routes to all of the information for which I use the site.  It is just as frustrating as when your favorite grocery store decides to rearrange all of its aisles!

We kept those experiences in mind as we began to tackle a revamping of our own website.  Our intention was to improve your experience on our site and we hope that after exploring it, you feel we succeeded.  We know from research that an important feature of our site is providing our current clients with access to their account information.  Hopefully, this feature will be much the same as it was before and that it works smoothly for you.

So welcome to the new Bill Few Associates site!  We are proud of our efforts and intend to continue our focus on keeping the content informative and userfriendly.  We hope you like what you see!  Please give the new site a try and if you want to provide us any feedback, we welcome it.  Thank you for your continued loyalty.


Mike Kauffelt
President and CEO
Bill Few Associates

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