The Right Kind of Financial Planning

Can help you reach life's milestones with confidence.


At Bill Few Associates, we offer a wide range of financial planning services tailored just for you.

Investment Management

Do you have the right investment plan in place? Much of our service revolves around our expertise in investment management. Our investment professionals have the resources and capabilities to put together personalized portfolios involving Individual Equities, Individual Bonds and Mutual Funds.

Retirement Planning

Looking forward to retirement? Already retired? Our financial advisors have the experience to help you deal with lump sum distributions and IRA beneficiary designations, as well as meeting your income needs and lifestyle expectations.

Estate Planning

Protect your assets now and into the future. Our extensive planning capabilities include minimizing taxes and estate shrinkage, distributing property to heirs, and easing the process of transitioning your estate.

Education Planning

Want to know how much you’ll need to save for your children’s education? Our planners can project costs for public and private universities, and recommend investment vehicles such as 529s, Custodial Accounts and Education IRAs.

Insurance Planning

Insurance is an important aspect of any financial plan. We can help you decide which life insurance and long-term care plans are right for you.

Company Retirement Planning

PSPs, 401(k)s, SEPs, SIMPLE Plans. We offer all these — plus expert advice — to help small and mid–size businesses develop the proper retirement plan for their employees.

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